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Dilshan and his team planned my wedding and engagement party. They are spectacular to say the least. Three years ago, we were lucky enough to come across Dilshan when he was starting out his event planning business. My husband came across him when we were trying to plan our engagement party. Having left the planning completely up to Dilshan at the time, I walked into my own engagement party and was in awe with what he had done. He transformed a small, affordable space we had found for our party into just the most glamorous venue. One of the reasons I picked Dilshan was because I knew I didn’t have to give him much input or time. He knew what I was looking for just from our initial exchange of ideas. We were extremely happy with the outcome. He planned our wedding in Texas while I was living out of state and doing long distance with my fiancé.  Dilshan was my eyes and ears and planned everything from our decor to the most minute details. I’ve always told him that he is a magician and a mind reader.

He was more than a wedding planner, he became a part of our family through the whole process. His team is one of the best there is in the wedding planning industry!!! I highly highly recommend them!!


Dilshan & his remarkable team did a fabulous job with my wedding week!
We asked him and his team to combine quite a few themes (1920's era, Jazz/Gatsby era, Indian culture, and Latino culture), and they nailed it like no other! Everything was beautiful .

I researched quite a few wedding planners locally, and over and over again, I read about how adaptable, efficient, and well-polished Dilshan Weddings & Events are with their work. Also, when it comes it aesthetics and details, boy do they have an eye! They know beauty when they see it, and they know how to put on a show and make it flow so well.

Also, when it came to organization, Dilshan and his team were spectacular. They really knew how to keep all the events of my wedding week moving forward fluidly, while guests were able to enjoy all the excitement of the wedding celebrations in a relaxed and fun manner. Furthermore, Dilshan and his team were very flexible and were great with thinking on their toes! If either I or any of the wedding party needed ANYTHING, they found a way to make it happen instantly! :)

Finally, I MUST comment on the professionalism of Dilshan Weddings & Events. They are the most courteous and respectable group of people I have ever worked with! Not only do they execute their work exponentially well, but they know how to humbly and admirably present their company!

Thank you so much for giving my family and I the opportunity to create a magical and dream wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have attended 3 weddings here in San Antonio that were coordinated by you and your team and they were all special and unique. The attention to detail was evident and very much appreciated by guests. Wishing you continued success Dilshan!

What a wonderful experience with Dilshan! My daughter’s wedding went off very smoothly – Great attention to detail, great choice of vendors, delightful team, and everything was a great experience from planning to finish. Every morning, I would get my “wake up” call from Dilshan to discuss plans. His advice and focus on details was superb. All our guests said that this was the wedding of the year! Thanks to Dilshan! A very important point was that Dilshan was never overbearing. He listened to both my daughter and me and was on track with our needs and wishes, Truly, a team effort. 



Dilshan and his team are amazing! I actually saw Dilshan at work at my friend’s wedding in Texas. He did such an amazing job and he was always around making sure all the little details were taken care of.  
I wanted him to plan my wedding in California. So of course, my family thought I was crazy wanting a wedding planner that didn't even live the same state. We flew him out and of course Dilshan has a charming and energetic nature about him and my family also had a good feeling about him. Dilshan made my wedding magical and he worked well with all of the vendors, and everything proceeded in a timely fashion. On top of that, Dilshan is just truly a kind, nice person which makes working with him easy.  My favorite memory was right before the reception, as we were getting into the limo, Dilshan had mine and my husband's favorite cocktails waiting for us! It was not only the big things but the little detail that put Dilshan and his team over the top. I would highly recommend him and is wonderful team to anyone getting married!

Dilshan and his team coordinated my wedding and everything was flawless! This impressive given my guest count was more than 500 people. They paid attention to details I wouldn't even think of! They were so accommodating to any changes, even last-minute changes on the wedding day. They were able to manage a large, demanding crowd with ease. Somehow during my reception, they were able to have everyone seated within 5-10 minutes...twice! I was able to truly enjoy my wedding day knowing that I had left everything in trusted hands. Not to mention-they all have the kindest and most fun attitudes, so easy to work with! My family still cannot stop raving about how wonderful his team was and how smoothly the event ran. Hiring Dilshan and his team was one of the best decisions I made for that day and I would do it again in a heartbeat!



Dilshan is an excellent wedding coordinator. He ensured all the traditions were included in the ceremonies and were executed to the perfection.
Wedding day Reception was exceptionally elegant, luxurious, welcoming and all praised the utmost hospitality. 
What a blessed experience. Thank you!



Amazing experience!!! Dilshan is so professional and kind, he makes you feel comfortable and guides you through the whole process making it very pleasant. 
He treats you like family and creates memories that last forever.

 I used DILSHAN Weddings & Events for my wedding and I couldn't have made a better choice. Dilshan was attentive, thorough, very detailed in his presentations, a perfectionist and he would go above and beyond to execute the most memorable, stress-free, beautiful day of your life. I got him in charge and as my point of contact. He was really honest with his feedback; he won't compromise on quality and beauty for your important day. Most importantly he will NOT let you make a poor/choice. I wouldn't have had my elegant wedding without his help and I truly felt that no amount of money could compensate the beautiful work he did for us.



Dilshan did an amazing job planning every event of my brother and sister-in-law's engagement party, sangeet, wedding, and reception. Each and every event was stunning because of his attention to detail and remarkable organization skills for a huge Indian wedding! He was so receptive to all our ideas and made them come to fruition for the bride, groom, and family members. Dilshan and his team made us feel like guests at our family's wedding because of their ability to run everything so smoothly! If you are looking for a wedding/event planner I would highly recommend DILSHAN Wedding and Events! Their work is flawless!

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Dilshan is an amazing coordinator! His organization skills, understanding of the overall vision, and drive for excellence were far beyond our expectations and made our wedding day stress free and 100x more enjoyable than if we had been left trying to make sure all the loose ends were tied up ourselves. Highly recommend him and his services for any event!